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VotingAid™ is a new-generation tool designed to present you the Republican candidates for the President of the United States. VotingAid™ provides an opportunity to find out where the candidates stand on the biggest and most contentious issues of the day and compare your own views with theirs.

VotingAid™ is founded by ZEF Solutions Ltd., a Finnish provider of Internet-based decision making, marketing and data collection solutions. The company's focus is to create VotingAid™ solutions with partners to all relevant elections around the world and the most popular decision making applications over the Internet. The content is created by Tuomas Koskenniemi and Johannes Koskenniemi. The candidates’ positions are estimates based on their programs, speeches, debate answers and interviews. The project is not affiliated with any candidate or political party.

The information made available on VotingAid™ is presented with good intention and for information purposes only. Although the information is believed to be correct, and commercially reasonable efforts have been made to ensure the accuracy of such information, ZEF Solutions Ltd. expressly disclaims its liability (to the maximum extent permitted by law) for any loss or damages arising out of, or relating to, such information or any errors or omissions made by the creators of such information.

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